Sister Wives: Christine Warned – Stop Baiting Kody

sister Wives star christine brown Is kody brown This came to mind again in her latest interview with the TLC series star. Her new life turned into a marriage she describes as heaven-made. So, trying to get Cody’s attention shouldn’t be on his to-do list today, warned fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown warns – give it a break

This week, Christine Brown’s Latest Interview Fans Taking notice. By all accounts, she is married to a wonderful man, David Woolley,

Yet, for some reason, fans feel like she’s still trying to tease Kody Brown about getting jealous. In recent times Christine has also recruited David to help her with her squash sister Wives Grandfather on social media.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown
Sister Wives tlc

Christine’s now famous nacho scene, which involves David, throws it back in her ex-husband’s face. then he threw sister Wives Patriarch’s Skittles and Beer turn on him. But he has said his point and the fans have understood it. But now they worry she’s gone too far.

Christine wants to make Kody Brown jealous?

Kody Brown handed over to Christine Brown a terrible description There is a brief statement about his marriage with her. He said this with sister Wives The camera was pointed at him, and it was on national television for all to hear.

He told Christine that he never felt any attraction towards her. So, six children and a quarter century later, once,Shared husband did disgusting things to Christine. He said this to her for the first time sister Wives Cameras are rolling.

So, during this new interview, Christine When it felt like a deep dive Cody spills his beans on camera. She said that while her ex said he was not attracted to her, she was attracted to him.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown
Sister Wives tlc

Despite what her once-shared husband said, Christine had a different idea take on them sister Wives’ Marriage history. He said, “So, it was romantic for me. It was everything I wanted. And he was the best, bravest boy I knew. So, yes, for me, it was (romantic)”.

But fans want to know how this makes her new husband feel. He has helped her reach Cody. So far, she has not said a word to the public about her latest hit, which fans think is an attempt to provoke jealousy.

Sister Wives fans urge them to stop Kodi campaign

sister Wives Fans understood why she admired David so much. When she shows off the things she has, she compares them to her ex. So, this might help him save face.

Some fans suggest that he needs to reduce the pressure in front of the world. This might help her, especially after what Cody did to her in the public eye.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown – Christine Brown
Sister Wives tlc

but for many sister Wives Fans, Christine’s Campaign seems to continue No signs of slowing down. Therefore, he suggests that it is time to start looking towards the future with David. But also, leave the past behind with Kodi.

One fan suggested that Christine looked foolish. He also warned that if she continued she might lose her new husband.

During that new interview, Christine praised the same Kody Brown claimed that she did not appeal to him. But she said that once she heard Cody say all these things, it validated her decision to leave.

Christine said that she realized that her days of pretending were over and it was time to move on. So Christine Brown became the first sister Wives The bride will jump ship and leave Kody Brown with only three wives On the TLC series.

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