Sister Wives: Kody Demoted after AI Sized Him Up?

sister Wivesstar kody brown It’s just been taken down a few notches, as the fame of the TLC series seems to be changing drastically for the second time around. Cody’s childhood friends once said that he tries very hard to be the center of attention.

Fans saw evidence of this many times over the many seasons of the reality show. But while Cody wants to remain the center of attention, it seems the forces are working against him today.

Sister Wives’ Cody takes center stage

What viewers already knew about Kody Brown likes myself a lot The dancer. When? sister Wives As an event was filmed that included dancing, the camera focused on Cody.

But it was not so much that sister Wives patriarchy mastered dance. That wasn’t the only thing that kept fans glued to the screens. No, the audience couldn’t get enough of the crazy moves they created on the dance floor. He would move forward with his fast-paced footwork and then set the dance floor on fire with these exaggerated movements.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Nevertheless, Cody made himself the center of attention. Four adorable ones in the beginning sister Wives The brides would watch and be happy at how much fun he was having. One of her latest dance videos was taken at a friend’s wedding, which she performed. He was alone there, not at all robin brown Went with him.

Cody’s fancy footwork scary?

kody brown attended a wedding during COVID shutdown. By doing this, he broke all his rules about sitting in place. This started a rift between him and his sons.

Cody stuck to it Janelle BrownSons go out or stay at home and away from friends. Either he will not go there because it will put him at risk of getting infected with COVID. Janelle was praised across the country sister Wives Fans to choose from for your kids.

But despite his family insisting that he not be around people, he went to this wedding ceremony, where he would be the center of attention while exchanging vows. Fans got angry and some people got angry with his move sister Wives’ brides and adult children,

But after the wedding ceremony they took over the dance floor. But he was in a place where not everyone knew him. Fans commented on how scared the women looked as he moved around the floor trying to woo a dance partner.

Sister Wives: Who Gets Top Billing Today?

kody brown made a big deal Be the leader of the family from day one sister Wives series. When he called the four women he married his wives, he was most appreciated, as he rarely referred to himself as their husbands.

Sister Wives: Kody BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown
Sister Wives Google

But despite all the turmoil, he was once older, happier sister Wives Family, it seems as if even the artificial intelligence of a search engine has its number today. at one point several months ago If you searched “Cody Brown” on Google the search results described him as christine brownEx-husband of.

Now when you search today he is still an ex-husband, but now he is Janelle Brown’s ex-husband. At one time, Google described Kody Brown as As a TV personality, But today it seems as if he has been demoted to a television personality, the ex-husband of a few wives from the TLC series. Ouch…

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