Sister Wives: Kody’s Gift to Robyn Destroyed by Ex-Wife in Real Time

sister Wives star Kody Brown Recently given robin brown A gift, but the expense was too much for his ex-wife, who took matters into her own hands this week. The man with the ringlets showered his fourth wife with the finest things in life on the TLC series. And it looks like that remains the case in real time ahead of Season 19.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown introduces Robyn Brown to the finer things in life

Kody Brown once it was announced that Robyn Brown was fed “table scraps” compared to her co-wives. But sister Wives Fans didn’t see it that way. Their home was one of the most expensive homes among the co-wives.

Kody also had his name on more property documents than anyone else. sister Wives‘ Robyn was seen as a spouse before the family broke up. But Robyn received more than just tangible gifts from Kody.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

A recent gift he received upset his ex-wife. mary brown He revealed the truth in a new interview released online this week.

Robin gives Kody a unique gift

Robyn gave Kody Brown a verbal gift several seasons ago. Fans rolled their eyes and there was a lot of controversy in the online comments.

Robin told everything sister Wives The children they had to save He dedicated himself to love. This is what his fans still call his “purity voice”.

Then she told her story of letting herself fall for the wrong man. And…it broke her heart to realize that she didn’t wait to start her first journey with Kody, her true love.

So, she gave Kody a gift to express her love and condemning his FIRSeeing her husband as a mistake, viewers went berserk when she made this bizarre remark while her children born from that wrong marriage watched on.

During the previous season sister Wives the series, kody brown reciprocated and provided A similar gift on Robin.

Sister Wives: This gift to an ex-wife turned out to be very expensive

Fans spotted Kody Brown Three wives separated Before he accepted that he was distant from them. When the family fell apart, and only Kody and Robyn were left together, he showered her with loving words.

But some say he crossed the line by calling his three-decade marriage to one wife a sham. He said he never loved Meri Brown and forced her into the marriage. This hurt Meri Brown deeply at the time.

sister Wives Fans think Kody is the best did this to reassure Robin. For her it was a gift of love, it reflected her “strange purity of speech”. Both said that theirs was a true love.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn BrownSister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

But Meri Brown is not letting this go, she has called it a lie. She told the world in her latest interview that Kody still loved her despite him saying otherwise.

She’s right… Kody Brown told about your love mary brown in the book written by the five sister Wives Husband and wife. And Meri has a lot to say about this today. Kody may deny it, but it is recorded in that book that the two loved each other very much.

So, Kody Brown’s gift of never being loved by his wives, only by Robyn, was going to cost Meri Brown dearly. She’s not going to let him deny her what they once had.

Although she has moved on, this was the time in her life when she realized love. So the original mom of this TLC series won’t let Kody Brown give Robyn Brown this love.

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