Studio Entertainment: Church Basement Ladies

Bismarck, n.d. (KXNET) – Dakota Stage presents a local community musical about those hard-working church basement ladies, and how they always bring things together. Deb Carpenter, director of the Church Basement Ladies play, says their shows will run May 9-19.

“It’s a warm and wonderful comedy musical that shows what really goes on in a church basement when you have lutefisk and lefse dinners, funerals, weddings and various events. There is a bit of drama and a lot of nervousness behind the scenes.” the carpenter said

Carpenter added, “I think people of all ages can enjoy it. The women of the church themselves are our target demographic, because they know what’s going on.

In their appearance on Studio 701, a group of performers sang “Get Down to Business” live in the studio to give us a piece of music before the curtains opened at the Dakota Stage Playhouse.

Jessica Cester with Dakota Stage talked about how this community piece brings people together.

“It’s definitely brought us and our little community together,” she says. “I think working on this show is the best thing in the world, especially with the storytelling and bringing people together. Given my passion.”

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You can purchase tickets and learn more about the Dakota Stage presentation of the Church Basement Ladies Here,