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New Delhi: For optimal healthA person’s ideal day should consist of more than four hours. physical activity Which includes exercise of light, moderate or vigorous intensity and at least eight hours a day SleepNew Research Has been found. Light activity can range from doing household chores to cooking dinner, while moderate and vigorous exercise includes more deliberate activity like a brisk walk or a gym workout, the researchers said.

Ideal daily routine Must also include six hours of meeting And stood for five hours, he said.

led international team Swinburne University of TechnologyIn Australia, the behavior of over 2,000 people was analyzed within 24 hours to determine the right mix of time spent sitting, sleeping, standing and being physically active for desirable health.

“This breakdown covers a wide range of health markers and converges over 24 hours to those associated with overall optimal health,” said Christian Brackenridge of the Center for Urban Transitions at Swinburne University of Technology.

“For different health markers, from waist circumference to fasting glucose, there will be different levels for each behavior,” said Brackenridge, who is also the lead author. Study Published in the journal Diabetologia.

For example, replacing time spent sitting with more time spent being physically active or doing light activities was associated with more beneficial blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes than those without diabetes. , who do not suffer from the condition, the researchers found.

The findings also acknowledged how a certain activity taking the place of another can affect a person’s entire day.

“Sleep may be harmful to health if it replaces exercise time, but may be beneficial if it replaces sedentary behavior,” Brackenridge said.

However, even though exercise is more beneficial, time use should be realistic and balanced, he said.

“People may advocate exercising longer, however, it is not possible to have 10 hours of exercise and zero hours of sedentary behavior,” the researcher said.

While the findings apply to able-bodied adults, they acknowledged that everyone has different ideas and advised that physical activity should be fun.

  • Published on April 29, 2024 at 06:06 PM IST

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