Swimmer Lilly King Is Engaged to James Wells After Olympic Trials

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shortly after olympics hopeful Lily King Team USA, her boyfriend, james wellsSurprise her with a proposal.

“It’s been so amazing to watch you both in and out of the pool these past four years and to see you grow,” Wells said. Said King, 27, just after getting out of the pool on Thursday, June 20. “I don’t regret for one minute quitting my job and moving halfway across the country to be together. It’s been awesome.”

He added, “I’m so excited to see where this goes. So, honey, I was wondering: Lily Camille King, will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes,” the King replied enthusiastically before hugging her. newlywed fiancé And was trying to wear her diamond ring.

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King finished second. Kate Douglas During the 200m breaststroke trials at the 2024 US Olympic Swimming Trials at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana. After receiving the silver medal, she showed off her ring.

“News travels fast, but I’m engaged,” King said at a press conference. She told reporters she was taken aback by Wells’ proposal. “I was really confused because Annie [Lazor] I was told to let my hair down instead of putting it up in a cap before I went out, and I thought, ‘Okay, that sounds nice,’ and then I got confused because [James was] Down here.”

King has also qualified for the 100-meter breaststroke race. paris olympics Next month, it will be her third Olympic Games. King previously competed in 2016 and 2020, collectively winning two gold, two silver and one bronze medal.

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Paris 2024 will be the Kings’ final opportunity at the sporting event.

“I’ll see you in Los Angeles [in 2028]And I am happy with the decision,” she said Indianapolis Star In early June she announced her retirement. “I won’t quit after this summer, but I won’t play for the next four years. I’ll be cheering on the team.”

Swimmer Lily King's boyfriend James Wells proposed to her shortly after she qualified for Paris Olympics

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Wells is also a swimmer. After joining the Indiana University swim team as a sprint specialist until graduating in 2014, he competed in the 100m men’s backstroke during the Wave 1 Olympic Trials in 2021 but has not swum competitively since.

King joined IU’s swim team in 2015, a year after Wells graduated.

“All of us who swam at IU put this together,” Wells told reporters Thursday. “This is a very powerful state for swimming, and to be here in front of this crowd means a lot to her.”

He further said, “This is [Lilly’s] Home state is so incredible.”