Taylor Swift’s ‘thanK you aIMee’ Is ‘Final Word’ for Kim Kardashian

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expect “thank you aimee”That’s the last we’ll hear Taylor Swift on his feud with Kim Kardashian,

“Taylor has moved on and isn’t looking back,” a source exclusively tells SELF. us weekly Swift’s, 34. “The song is her last word.”

Insider says Swift “hasn’t heard” from the kardashians43, about the track, which appears on Swift’s new album, Tortured Poets Department,

When Swift wrote the track, she wasn’t exactly subtle when capitalizing the letters K, I, and M in the title.

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Believed to reference her longtime feud with Kardashian, “THANK YOU AIMEE” tells the story of a man who deals with a bully who “threatens to push me down the stairs” and “the local newspaper “Writes headlines/laughs at my every little step” Lena.

'Thank You Amy' is Taylor Swift's 'last words' to Kim Kardashian: Source
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Although Swift and Kardashian used to be friends, the two began trading blows in 2016 after Kardashian said Swift “totally approved” of a song by her then-husband. Kanye West‘s song “Famous” which claims he “made that bitch famous.”

Swift then denied that she knew about the song, leading to Kardashian sharing a series of Snapchat posts depicting a phone call between West and Swift in which they discuss the song. However, as Swift later explained, the exact song was not mentioned.

Ultimately the entire phone call was leaked, leading to an argument between the two over what was and was not said in the call.

Swift later explained to Time the psychological impact the feud had on her.

“You have a completely manufactured frame job in an illegally recorded phone call that Kim Kardashian edited and then told everyone to tell that I was a liar,” she said. “It took me psychologically to a place I had never been before. I went abroad. I did not leave the rented house for a year. I was afraid to make phone calls. I pushed away most of the people in my life because I didn’t trust anyone anymore. “I fell down really hard.”

But, if “THANK YOU AIMEE” is taken at face value, Swift came out of the feud a stronger person.

“I’ve built a legacy you can’t destroy,” Swift sings. “But when I count the wounds, a moment of truth comes / That it wouldn’t have happened, if it weren’t for you.”

She changes the chorus from “F–k you, Amy” to “Thank you, Amy” in the final verse, singing, “And our town, it looks so small, even / Shouted ‘Thank you, Amy'” The night sky/and the stars are amazing/because I can’t forget the way you healed me.