The Perfect White Tee Does Exist—Our Style Editor Has Finally Found the Best Tee on the Market

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Whether you are building Capsule Wardrobelooking to Refresh your basicsor feeling stuck with your style, buying a good white t-shirt is always a good start. The best white t-shirts for women can be worn alone, styled up or down, and layered under sweaters and jackets, making them an essential investment in every woman’s wardrobe. In theory, finding the perfect white t-shirt should be easy, but for whatever reason the number one fashion question in my group texts is always “Does anyone have a white t-shirt they can wear In fact Love?”

It seems like every t-shirt is either too tight, too cropped, too transparent, or too loose, and finding a t-shirt that checks every box feels like an impossibility. Plus, the online shopping market is flooded with options for the best white t-shirts for women, so even choosing one to order can feel overwhelming.

But don’t panic! I ordered and tried every white t-shirt recommended on the internet, so you don’t have to.

Best White T-Shirt for Women

Of course, a white t-shirt is a white t-shirt and you can make do with what you have. Correct However, wearing a white t-shirt feels like Cinderella putting her foot in the glass slipper for the first time. You realize that all the white t-shirts you tried weren’t right for you, and a simple t-shirt becomes your new favorite top. At least, that’s how I felt during the process.

Read my review of the best white t-shirts for women available in the market, and find out which t-shirt is my favorite.

best white t shirts for women leset - 1

TikTok loves the Margo tee, so my expectations were high. Spoiler: those expectations were exceeded. I sized up medium so it wasn’t tight on the chest, and I loved the fit. The length fits right on the waist of most of my jeans, and the sleeves flare out a little, which fits my arms nicely. It’s slimming without being too fitted and thin without being see-through. What more could you want in a t-shirt? It costs $68, which is about right for the quality of the fit and feel.

final call: Of all the best white t-shirts for women I’ve tried, this is my top choice, a classic t-shirt that will last for years.

best affordable white t shirt - 3

Perfect for anyone who is all about the “if I like it, I’ll buy it in every color” trend, this Old Navy t-shirt is one you can stock up on without breaking the bank. I have a lot of friends who like to buy white t-shirts in bulk and throw them away when they start to get old, and this was their number one recommendation. Priced under $20, this t-shirt has a similar fit and feel to the LESET tee, though it’s a little boxier and more casual. I will say that I sized up medium and wish I had stayed my original size, as it already has an intentional, vintage, oversized look to it.

final call: I’ll be wearing this t-shirt all summer long without the fear of ruining it with sweat stains because I already have a backup.

best cropped t shirt - 5

Best Cropped T-Shirt: Cotton Citizen The Tokyo Crop Tee

Long before my search for the best white t-shirt for women began, this was (and still is) one of my all-time favorites. It’s cropped without showing too much of my stomach, and the boxy, drapey fit makes it more comfortable than the typical cropped t-shirt. The fabric is nice and thick, while the thick neck hem gives it a modern, edgy touch. I often wear this t-shirt with high-rise jeans and sneakers, but I also love to wear it with leggings and biker shorts for running.

final call: This $90 t-shirt has been in my closet for almost three years and hasn’t changed color or gotten worn out much, so it’s worth every penny in my eyes.

best scoop neck tshirt - 7

I never thought I’d call a white t-shirt girly and feminine, but this scoop neck tee from Quince is exactly that. The plunging neckline is the perfect width so it doesn’t show your bra straps or any cleavage, but it does accentuate your collar bone and any necklaces you’re wearing.

final call: When I’m looking for a more polished, dressed-up look for work or brunch, I throw on this t-shirt, and it instantly feels chicer than your average t-shirt. The best part? It only costs $15, but it looks like it could be $50.

best white t shirt anine bing - 9

I’ve always been on the lookout for the polished look of a white t-shirt and slacks or denim, but have never been able to find a shirt long enough or slim enough to achieve this style. That was, until I found Anine Bing’s Lily Tee. It’s honestly one of the longest t-shirts I’ve ever worn, making it the perfect shirt to tuck in. Slim fitting on the body (even though it looks too big on the model), I absolutely love the balance of the baggy arms on this tee, because honestly no one wants tight arm openings.

final call: I know it seems crazy to spend $100 on a plain white t-shirt, but the simplistic beauty of this t-shirt will make you think otherwise, trust me.

best pointelle t shirt - 11

Another Leset favorite, the pointelle tee is the perfect non-boring basic. It’s basically a cross between a t-shirt and a top, as the pointelle knit and scalloped edges give the shirt just enough detail to hold its own even without accessories. On-trend but still classic like all the best white tees for women, this tee is a girl’s dream. I also love styling this ultra-feminine tee with denim overalls for some funky juxtaposition or under a crewneck sweater, allowing the scalloped details to peek through the neckline. Bonus points for the pointelle fabric being super breathable for the warmer months!

final call: If you haven’t discovered the comfortable, style-driven world of Pointelle, you’re welcome. This feminine tee with classic details is the perfect way to step up your white t-shirt game.

best long sleeve t shirt - 13

A long-sleeve version of my favorite ribbed baby tee, the Daily Drills Ribbed Long Sleeve is one of the most worn tees in my wardrobe. It’s a layering dream come true, matching perfectly under vests, cardigans, overalls, and blazers, while being thin enough that you won’t feel too hot. I also love wearing this t-shirt on evening walks in place of a jacket. It’s the perfect cropped-but-not-too-cropped fit and surprisingly the armholes aren’t too tight.

final call: With this long-sleeve version as proof, I’m thinking Daily Drills should restock the short-sleeve version as soon as possible, because this too will join the list of best white t-shirts for women.

Camille Styles Best White Tee.

More white t-shirts for women we love

Reformation Classic Crew Tee

I’ve never met a Reformation product I didn’t like, and this classic t-shirt is no different. Plus, if you love it in white, it’s available in a ton of fun colors too!

PerfectWhiteTea Springsteen Supima Cotton Baby Tee

This brand is named “PerfectWhiteTee” because I tried this t-shirt in store and it is slim-fitting, airy and soft. Size up if you want a looser fit!

U Crew Neck Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This white T-shirt has gained a lot of popularity on TikTok. The word “U” comes from Universal, as this is UNIQLO’s idea of ​​what a perfect, universal white T-shirt should be like.

COS The Clean Cut T-Shirt

If you are looking for a durable, thick white t-shirt, this is the one. I tried this one in the store and it didn’t come home with me, the only reason being that it had a small stain on it… next time!

Everlane The Organic Cotton Slim V-Neck Tee

This slim-fit, v-neck t-shirt is perfect for those looking for a more feminine t-shirt. Bonus points for using sustainable, organic cotton, too!

J.Crew Relaxed Linen T-Shirt

Made from soft, breathable 100% linen, this t-shirt is the perfect white t-shirt for warm weather. With hundreds of great reviews, this is a t-shirt you can trust.

Buck Mason Pima Boxy Crew

If you love baby tees but can’t wear a completely tight tee, this boxy version from Buck Mason is for you. It’s the perfect hybrid tee – not too cropped and not too tight, but not too big and not too wide.