Tom Brady & Kim Kardashian Dating: ‘Flirty’ Romance Revealed

In the summer of 2023, we heard a lot about Kim Kardashian’s crush on Tom Brady,

Supposedly, that crush turned into rich, hot, famous PILFs (with the P standing for “parent”) dating for a while.

So, how did this super hot couple not become a power couple?! let’s take a look.

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Kim Kardashian attends the Kering Caring for Women dinner at The Pool on September 12, 2023 in New York City. (Joey Malone/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating: It started with fireworks

It all started at Michael Rubin’s epic Fourth of July party in the Hamptons. Rumors spread that Kim and Tom were having an affair. There were also pictures in which they looked very cozy together.

At the time, Kim had broken up with Pete Davidson and Tom was nursing his broken heart. After years of living together, Tom and Gisele The divorce ultimately went through in 2023, leaving the famous QB a free agent for the first time in years.

Seeing as they were both single again, it was an ideal time for both of them to get back out there. Other partygoers described the pair as being “extremely flirty with each other”.

Nevertheless, there were other sources that made different claims. “Kim and Tom share the same friends and business partners, but they are not dating,” the source said. told Entertainment Tonight those days.

So who to trust? Let’s fast forward a few months.

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Tom Brady attends the Los Angeles premiere of Paramount Pictures’ “80 for Brady” presented by Smirnoff ICE at the Regency Village Theater on January 31, 2023 in Los Angeles. (Getty)

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady caught flirting again

Kim and Tom were next seen together again in October. By then it was also reported that Tom was dating supermodel Irina Shayk, but they separated in September.

Finding myself alone again, tmz informed of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady had a very fun, very expensive time at the Reform Alliance charity auction in Atlantic City.

On Saturday night’s show, the famous businesswoman and athlete went head-to-head as they bid on a George Condo painting.

Kim got a chance to get the ball rolling. They bid $500,000 on the painting. This is a huge amount for ordinary humans.

tom brady celebratestom brady celebrates
Tom Brady raises his first hand as he celebrates the Patriots winning the AFC Championship Game over the Steelers in this photo. (Photo credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

When Tom makes the higher bid, the two find themselves embroiled in a bidding war. And it seems like it was quite flirtatious.

According to eyewitnesses, Kim and Tom were laughing at each other during the bid. One source (at least) described it as “super fun and flirty.”

Ultimately, this extremely expensive (but generous, we admit, given the event) bidding war ended when Kim and Tom reached the $2 million milestone.

At that point, the program’s hosts intervened. He promised Kim and Tom that they could both get their own George Condo painting. Not identical paintings, because original paintings don’t work that way.

But the point of all this is that according to others, sparks were flying. and then, page six informed of Their conversation was “friendly” rather than clearly flirtatious.

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Tom Brady doesn’t play football anymore. But he plays on the field! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Kim and Tom are just friends – for now

So, did all this flirting actually lead to anything? If it did happen, it was short-lived in the summer and has now become longer.

Tom is back together by December 2023 Irina Shayk And there is no news of him having any relationship with anyone new girlfriend These days.

As far as Kim is concerned, she is enjoying a highly publicized relationship with odell beckham jr They even went to the Super Bowl together to watch Travis Kelce play. Although the matter seems to be a love affair on and offSo this could be just another fling for Kim.

Maybe Kim should make an appearance as one of the surprise guests Roast of Tom Brady, See if she can’t win him back!