Travis Kelce Gives Jason a Unique Anniversary Gift Idea for Wife Kylie

jason kelsey A man is on a mission, racing against time to deliver a unique anniversary gift for his wife. kylie kels,

The Philadelphia Eagles veteran got a good tip from his brother new heights Podcast co-host, Kansas City Chiefs tight end travis kels, while pre-taping a Wednesday episode of his show. As the two discuss their gift-giving skills (or Jason’s apparent lack of), Jason admits that he hasn’t come up with a gift yet for Kylie after celebrating her. Sixth wedding anniversary last month,

“I want to give Kylie an anniversary gift, I’m not going to lie. I’m about a month away from that,” Jason told Travis during Wednesday’s podcast. “we were doing cincinnati live show And it distracted me. I have to come up with something big.”

“I believed you,” Travis says. Then, he was surprised to learn about the long-standing tradition of giving gifts according to a specific theme for each year of marriage.

For the sixth anniversary, the traditional gift is made of iron.

Excitement rising in his voice, Travis declares, “If you wanna make her some iron, get her a sword, man! Make her a sword, Jason!”

Jason initially balked, saying, “I don’t think she’d be into it.”

Travis responded, “That’s the idea, isn’t it? They all say that. Something is better than nothing.”

Jason considered this and replied, “That’s a good thing. A sword is certainly better than the one I currently have.”

Jason and Kylie Kelsey at the premiere of their ‘Kelsey’ documentary. , Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Prime Video

Sword making has been a frequent topic of conversation new heights In recent months, the brothers discussed their ongoing intention to learn the craft together in several episodes. So far, it doesn’t appear that they have succeeded in their plan.

Jason and Travis started laughing as they speculated about how Kylie might react to the gift.

“Should I stab you with this, Jason?” Travis imagines her asking.

Jason replies, “If she ever wants to break the contract we’ve made with the Lord, she can use her sword.”

“She’s beautiful, she’s poetry,” Travis says, laughing.

“It’s very symbolic,” Jason says, as the wheels start turning rapidly in his mind.

“Now I have to take it to Kylie before the episode airs on Wednesday,” he says. “I’ve got to be fast on this sword.”

At the end of the episode, Jason returns to the topic by sharing a text message he sent to his assistant.

“I asked my assistant, ‘Can we get a sword from a blacksmith to carve our anniversary on and bring it here by Wednesday to give to Kylie on our anniversary?'” he says. Yes, his assistant “cheats* *it doesn’t happen.”

“She loves these kinds of challenges,” he says of his employee. “She keeps asking me to do things like this, and I never do them.”

The episode ends with Jason’s assistant replying, “Let me work on that.”

No word yet on how this all happened, as neither Jason nor Kylie addressed it on their social media accounts at the time of the podcast episode release.

The couple met on Tinder in 2014 and tied the knot four years later. They now have daughters Wyatt, 4, Elliot, 3, and Bennett, 1.

in his very touching retirement speech Earlier this year, Jason tearfully expressed his love for Kylie.

He shared, “I think it’s no coincidence that I’ve enjoyed the best years of my career with Kylie. Every compliment I’ve ever received has come from having her in my life.” “She has brought out the best in me through love, devotion, support, honesty, intelligence and of course a sharp kick in the a** from time to time.”

Since announcing the end of his NFL career, speculation has run rampant as to where Jason’s career will take him next.

on Wednesdays new heightsHe addresses recent reports that he Intends to join ESPN as a broadcaster,

“Nothing has been officially signed or announced yet, but apparently a lot has happened reports There’s been talk of me going to ESPN,” says Jason. “I think time will take care of that, but it’s a huge honor to be considered to potentially work there. That network was everything that Travis and I saw growing up.”

He adds, “Before phones, that was the only way to get all the coverage and we were glued to the TV every day. So the fact that I will, potentially, maybe, work there is great.”

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