Ukraine takes action against 2,500 illegal gambling sites

Ukraine has cracked down on over 2,500 websites that hosted unlicensed gambling content in an effort to combat illegal gambling.

These websites were found to not have proper licenses and were removed under recommendations from law enforcement officials.

Further action has been taken in this area, as more than 450 criminal offenses are being investigated in relation to an illegal gambling organization as of April 2024. Ukrainian Office of the General ProsecutorThe case against 72 people has been sent to the court.

In 2023, 169 crimes were recorded, more than 7,000 computers and devices were seized. This resulted in the suspension of 10 casinos and charges were brought against 42 people who were said to be members of criminal groups.

The report comes just a week after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on April 20 ban on online gambling And it was banned for the military as long as martial law was in place.

Gambling in Ukraine has grown significantly in the last year

On April 24, the Parliament of Ukraine witnessed the first reading of a bill that would strengthen state surveillance on gambling business, After initially being introduced in May 2023, the bill had the support of 272 MPs.

The bill must go through a second reading and be signed by the President before it officially becomes law. If this happens, the Gambling and Lotteries Regulation Commission may be abolished and its responsibilities may be handed over to the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

The potential new legislation aims to ensure further restrictions on online gambling, restrictions on advertising, stricter trade control measures and safeguards in the event of vulnerabilities.

Work continues in the gambling sector which has come a long way in Ukraine, especially since the country’s gambling industry was largely legalized shortly before Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Featured Image: Photo by Eugene But unsplash