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New Delhi: U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently investigating the products spice maker MDH and Everest following Hong Kong’s decision to stop the sale of certain items due to the presence of allegedly high levels of carcinogenic pesticides,

“The FDA is aware of the reports and is gathering additional information about the situation,” an FDA spokesperson told Reuters on Friday.

Earlier this month, Hong Kong suspended the sale of three MDH spice blends and one Everest spice blend for fish curry. Similarly, Singapore ordered a recall of Everest spice mix, saying it contained elevated levels of ethylene oxide, a substance considered unsuitable for human consumption and can cause cancer with prolonged exposure. There may be danger.

On April 5, the CFS announced that routine monitoring programs had discovered the presence of ethylene oxide in three spice blends from MDH Group: Madras curry powder, sambar spice powder and curry powder. “The CFS collected the above samples from three retail outlets in Tsim Sha Tsui respectively for testing as part of its routine food surveillance programme. The test results revealed that the samples contained the pesticide, ethylene oxide,” the CFS informed. Sellers are concerned about the irregularities and have directed them to stop sales and remove affected products from shelves.” According to the CFS report, ”Food containing pesticide residues for human consumption can only be sold if consumption of the food poses a risk. Or not be detrimental to health. Presence of ethylene oxide in spice products Violated this regulation, leading to immediate action food safety watchdog,

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India The Food and Drug Administration (FSSAI) on Monday said it has started taking samples of spices in powder form from all brands including MDH and Everest from across the country in view of quality concerns raised by Singapore and Hong Kong, a government source said.

“In view of the current development, FSSAI is taking samples of spices of all brands, including MDH and Everest, from the market to check whether they meet the FSSAI norms,” ​​the source was quoted as saying by PTI.

authority, acting under Ministry of Health and Family WelfareRegularly conducts such sampling exercises to assess the quality of products available in domestic market, However, the source said FSSAI does not regulate it quality of spices Intended for export.

  • Published on April 27, 2024 at 03:49 PM IST

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