Valorant developers speak out on Vanguard security concerns

The developers of Valorant have taken steps to dispel frightening rumors regarding anti-cheat client Vanguard.

Controversial posts are emerging stating that Riot Games’ security software is unstable for PC players and is taking screenshots of sensitive information and chats.

As we mentioned earlier, League of Legends, has also been affected by the riots. One gamer posted that he had to remove the CMOS battery to resolve the issue caused by the Vanguard.

Riot expert speaks on data security rumors

The rumors began with a series of posts from users like @w_sted, saying “Of course it’s not legal. Valorant now takes screenshots of your PC, they are actually able to fullscreen any window and upload it to their servers without your knowledge.

User @KiiiExe posted on Very illegal.”

This led Riot Game’s development team and their head of anti-cheat Philippe Koskinas, aka @detecphilippe, to speak out in response to @KaiiExe, bluntly saying:

Further, Koskinas will answer other questions regarding the social media post, such as @NotKarou Asking “Will Riot ever consent to Vanguard’s credible third party analysis?” Like signing a contract that says you can’t disclose source code or any secrets but the broad strokes? I don’t really care either way, but I know a lot of people do for some reason.”

coskinus Said “Yes. We did it in 2020, and we plan to do it again this year. Think the difficulty is getting anyone to trust the results.”

Trust appears to be a major issue for the developer, but their stance on the use of the system and its legality has been strong. It remains to be seen whether the bustling community League of Legends And Valorant trusts third-party analysis.

What is Vanguard?

Vanguard, Riot Games’ proprietary security software, works quietly in the background of the FPS experience. It aims to maintain security and data privacy as a priority. of riot statement However, Protecting Player Data is not the most up-to-date, as it was published in June 2019:

“Our commitment to security also includes our commitment to your privacy. “Riot Vanguard was built specifically with Riot Games’ dedication to data privacy in mind, and we worked with our legal and compliance teams to ensure it adheres to regional data privacy laws,” said the developer. Is said.

Many players view this mandatory software client as more of a hindrance than a help, existing in the middle of the game. Riot on the other hand is strict, “To ensure players’ game integrity, Riot Vanguard must be active during Valorant gameplay,”

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