Who Is Matty Healy Dating? A Look at His Relationship Timeline

after Taylor Swiftrelease of Tortured Poets Department and heavy fan-speculation that much of the album is dedicated to matty healyMany online have been wondering who else the 1975 lead singer has been linked to since rising to fame.

While the 35-year-old “Chocolate” singer probably only had one fleeting romance Swift, 34, is following him joe alwyn The pair were once rumored to be dating in 2014 amid Swift’s relationship, breaking up in April 2023. Calvin Harris And Harry Styles, However, it was not until May 2023 that they were the first photographed together after being exposed to him one of her eraz tour music program

“Taylor and Matty like each other,” a source said. told ET those days. “Taylor has a crush on Matty and they are having a great time together. Matty also thinks Taylor is amazing and incredibly talented. They dated for a while in the past.”

Nick Grimshaw, Taylor Swift and Matty Healy – getty images

The romance quickly fizzled out as Swift’s fans urged her to break up due to his colorful and controversial past, including racist comments and comments made by her supporters about Swift’s close friend, ice masalaWhen he called her “Inuit spice girl” and “chubby Chinese woman” during an event Podcast Appearance, Within weeks, a source told ET that Healy and Swift’s relationship was over.

“They’re both extremely busy and they realize they’re not really suited to each other.” Source shared, “Taylor’s friends want what’s best for her and they’re not surprised that their relationship has taken a hit since she recently got out of a long-term relationship.”

in honor of swift ttpd And Healy’s recent comments Saying he’s “not heard of that much,” ET is taking a look at some of the other talented women the 1975 band member has dated over the years — including his current girlfriend Gabrielle Bechtel.

2013: Gemma Janes

The singer’s first notable girlfriend was British-born entrepreneur Gemma Janes, who currently lives in Paris. She and Healy were first linked in January 2013 and dated for several months, even starring alongside the lead singer in the band’s “Chocolate” music video.

They later separated in 2014 sometime around the end of the 1975 North American tour, of which Swift is known to have attended at least two shows in Los Angeles and New York City with several friends.

2014: Aliana Lohan

radaronline Reportedly having an affair with Healy aliana lohan – Lindsay Lohan’s younger sister – before Swift’s stage debut. This situation was reportedly told by a close person lifestyle That’s when Lindsay introduced Ali and Healy and they were casually seeing each other before the “Shake It Off” singer piqued Healy’s interest.

“Taylor is absolutely crazy about Matt,” a source shared. “But what she doesn’t know is that he recently spent a whole week making out with her Lindsey lohan‘s little sister, Ali!”

Neither Ali nor Healy ever commented on the rumors of a relationship or Swift being the reason for the breakup.

Late 2014: Taylor Swift (probably)

In November 2014, the pair met when Swift attended one of Healy’s concerts in Los Angeles with friends. Selena Gomez And Ellie Goulding, in one Interview after a few daysHealy laughed off the hit network host’s claim that they would be the next big couple, saying, “Let’s see what happens.”

“I mean, he’s a sensation, I wouldn’t say no,” Healy said, also asked about whether or not he would go on a date with the “Bad Blood” singer.

Around the same time, Swift was Seen hanging out in Los Angeles Healy wearing a T-shirt with the band’s name on it. He later participated in another concert in 1975 Karlie Kloss And lily aldridge Before the year ends. He followed Healy one’s game 1989 Tea During a show at the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee earlier that month.

After the second concert, Healy, speaking to Australia’s 2DayFM, dismissed the romance rumors and said that their relationship – at the time – was nothing more than a friendship between two musicians.

He said, “We met each other, we exchanged numbers the way a lot of people do in this kind of world, and we talked occasionally.” I! news, “She’s the biggest pop star in the world and I’m in Australia. There’s no relationship or anything happening there. It’s weird how people actually buy into it.”

The two were later photographed smiling alongside Goulding, 37, and Nick Grimshaw while celebrating at the Universal Music Brits party in February 2015. Some fans believe this is the same night Swift next met her LoverDJ Calvin Harris, 40.

Matty Healy and Taylor Swift in February 2015 – David M. Bennett/Getty Images for Soho House

Healy later commented on the relationship speculation in an interview. q magazine, told the outlet that he would have found dating Swift to be “reprehensible.” However, he confirmed that there had been a “flirtation” between them.

“If I went out with Taylor Swift I would be like, ‘Fuck you! I’m not going to be Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.’ You know, ‘F**k.’ That’s also a manly thing, a de-masculinizing thing, a emasculating thing,” he said, according to one article. Eli Article of that time.

Shortly afterward, he retracted in a letter and said his comments were “completely taken out of context.”

“At the time,” he wrote, “I was afraid of being ‘someone’s boyfriend’ before being recognized for my music or presence as a person in my own right (remember this is all speculation because we never dated. did!).”

2015: halsey

Swift and Healy reportedly split shortly after it was revealed that he was engaged to Halsey, who recently came out with her hit debut album, bad soil, Some of Halsey’s most devoted listeners even think that several of her songs are based on her relationship with the 1975 frontman, including “Colors”.

The couple are seen in photos online, however, no one has publicly confirmed the love affair rumors.

2015–2019: Gabriella Brooks

For the time being, Healy settled down with Australian model Gabriella Brooks, whom he dated for four years before their 2019 breakup. Reports at the time indicated that Brooks was responsible for breaking things off because she was “tired of his constant partying,” per. Sun,

Those rumors were bolstered by comments Healy made after the breakup about how she lived her life in her twenties, calling the years “anarchic chaos” and saying that she was “very emotionally mature” during the conversation. Were not. Guardian In 2020.

she is dating now Liam HemsworthWith which she went back to the red carpet officially in 2022 poker face Premiere in Australia.

Matty Healy and Gabriella Brooks – getty images

2020–2022: FKA twigs

Following the end of her long-term relationship with Brooks, Healy dated British singer fka twigswith whom there has been a relationship before evening actor Robert Pattinson And Shia Labeouf,

Although it is unclear how the pair first met, they were first confirmed to be an item when they attended the NME Awards together. daily mail online, Healy too posted a photo The 36-year-old hugged the singer in a recap of the event in February 2020, though the photo has since been deleted.

They eventually separated in June 2022 due to “work commitments”. Sun A source said at the time, “There was no major fallout or fallout. When the lockdown ended they both found themselves pulled in different directions with work commitments.”

Breakup rumors intensified tiktok video The “Cellophane” singer posted in which she kissed Aristocrat class Actor Aaron Piper.

Late 2022: Charlotte Briar D’Alessio

Healy was rumored to be dating the Canadian model in December 2022, a few months after his summer breakup with FKA Twigs. daily mail online It was reported that D’Alessio – who was discovered by scouts at Coachella – had attended several of Healy’s shows and was backstage, keeping a low profile for the concerts.

“Matty and Charlotte have been dating quietly for several weeks and are completely head over heels for each other,” a source said. SunHaving said that the pair were taking things slow.

Neither party ever confirmed the rumors or addressed a possible breakup.

Spring 2023: Taylor Swift (again?)

Fans believe several songs and cryptic references are in progress Tortured Poets Department Healy related – including use of typewriter The album imagery and song “Fresh Out the Slammer” is a reference to his loneliness Following the end of her six-year relationship with Alvin, 33, ET confirmed the pair had a brief date in the spring of 2023.

week later ET exclusively reported After Swift and her longtime boyfriend called it quits, Healy attended Swift’s Nashville Erasure Tour concert and quickly hooked up as a couple. they were even seen holding hands In May, and a source shared with ET that they had reconnected with their friend, jack antonoff,

“Taylor and Matty like each other,” another source tells ET. “Taylor has a crush on Matty and they are having a great time together. Matty also thinks Taylor is amazing and incredibly talented.”

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy in May 2023 – Robert Kamau/GC Images

However, the situation quickly turned sour, as the love affair ended as quickly as it had begun, due to Swifties and Swift’s loved ones’ concern about her.

“Taylor’s friends want what’s best for her and they’re not surprised that their relationship has soured since she recently got out of a long-term relationship,” a Source shared those days.

September 2023–now: Gabriette Bechtel

The singer was first spotted with the US-born model and musician in late summer when they picture of kiss in new york city, Since then, they have kept their love private, rarely showing PDA or appearing on each other’s social pages.

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