Woman Who Allegedly Inspired ‘Baby Reindeer’ Claims She’s the Victim

A woman who claims she’s a real-life inspiration Richard Gad’s hit Netflix series, baby reindeer, She is criticizing the producer for the wrong portrayal of their relationship.

while talking to daily mail online, the woman – who has not been named in the article to protect her privacy – says she is considering taking legal action against the 34-year-old Scottish comedian, based on her experience with a stalker. Wrote the series. The 58-year-old unidentified woman says she is shocked and disappointed by Gad using the story to make a name for herself and claims she is the victim in the situation.

“He’s using baby reindeer Now to follow me,” she shares. “I’m the victim. He’s written a bloody show about me.”

Richard Gad as Donnie Dunn and Jessica Gunning as Martha Scott in Netflix. ‘Baby Reindeer’ – Ed Miller/Netflix

Although she hasn’t been identified by name, the outlet reports that the woman in question has several ‘major similarities’ with Gad’s stalker in the series – named ‘Martha’. The most telling clues include her Scottish upbringing, her more than 20-year age difference with Gad, and her “highly sensual” language in both writing and speech. She also bears an “uncanny physical resemblance” to Martha, the outlet reports.

in an april profile gq, Gad talked about the possibility that his real-life stalker might stop watching his show and was asked what he thought he would think of the series. At the time, he said that although he was unsure how the real “Martha” would react, in an ideal world, she would not even know that the show was about her.

He said, “We have gone to such lengths to hide her that I don’t think she would recognize herself. What is borrowed is an emotional truth, not a fact-by-fact profile of someone.”

Despite the steps taken to protect her identity, the real woman interviewed by the British outlet says that her similarity to the character was enough for fans of the show to make a connection, with the actress, Jessica Gunning, saying, ” She kind of looks like me.”

Jessica Gunning as Martha in ‘Baby Reindeer’ – Netflix

While the show had a decent and respectable debut on the streaming platform, word-of-mouth spread quickly and the popularity of the series skyrocketed, making it reach the No. 1 spot on the Netflix charts globally. In the three weeks since its premiere, baby reindeer has been viewed by 13.3 million platform users and streamed more than 52 million hours, Netflix says,

This rise in popularity has also come with a huge number of new followers for Gad, whose now die-hard fans have gone out of their way to try to identify both the real-life Martha and Guru – whose name is Darian in the series – . Groomed her and raped her. While internet detectives have done everything in their power to track down the culprits involved, Gad himself has asked fans not to make any mistakes in trying to get to the bottom of the matter.

“Hello everyone, people I love, have worked with and admire (including Sean Foley) are being unfairly caught up in speculation,” he wrote in an Instagram Story. Today, “Please do not speculate who any real-life person might be. That is not the point of our show.”

Richard Gad in ‘Baby Reindeer’ on Netflix – Ed Miller/Netflix

For the Scottish comedian and Olivier Award winner, the show aimed to bring awareness to stalking and portray the topic in a less flashy and glamorous way than how it is usually handled by the media. in an interview with IndependentHe even called him a “victim” of circumstance and a product of a failed system.

“I can’t emphasize enough how much she’s suffering through all of this,” he said at the time. “Stalking and harassment are a form of mental illness. It would be wrong to portray him as a monster, because he is unhealthy, and the system has failed him.”

However, for the alleged real-life Martha, baby reindeer This is nothing more than “bullying an old lady on television for fame and money.” She further says that despite her pleas she also received “death threats and abuse from Richard Gadd supporters”.

Furthermore, she alleges that the accuracy of the show is a topic that should be questioned as she denies many key details of their relationship – including the basis of the show’s name. According to Gad, Baby Reindeer comes from the nickname used by his stalkers in in-person and online conversations during the six years of stalking.

Gad says that during that time, Martha sent 41,071 emails, 350 hours of voicemail, 744 tweets, 46 Facebook messages and 106 pages of letters. In the series finale, Gad – via an email from his stalker – reveals that Martha gave him this nickname because it reminded him of a stuffed animal he had as a child, which had “big lips, big eyes and the cutest buttocks”. ,

“I never had a baby reindeer toy and I would never have had a conversation with Richard Gad about a childhood toy,” the woman said of the show’s namesake.

Richard Gad as Donnie Dunn in ‘Baby Reindeer’ on Netflix – Ed Miller/Netflix

She also disputes some factual details about some of their early interactions, including the show’s handling of an instance in which Gad said he would hang Martha’s curtains – a euphemism for sex. This is addressed in the show as a joke that Gad told to get out of an awkward encounter where his friends were present.

Overall, she says Gad did not do enough to protect her identity and asks that he stop profiting from the story. She criticizes the Scottish comedian and says she has to leave him out of the story to move forward.

“Richard Gad has ‘main character syndrome,'” she says. “He always thinks he’s at the center of things. I’m not writing shows about him or promoting them in the media, right? If he wanted me to remain reasonably anonymous, he would Gad should leave me alone.”

Gad has not yet responded to the report.

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