Xbox and X-Men team up for a custom Xbox Series X — whose case is a comic book

xboxThe promotion for ‘X-Men’97 has been in full swing since its premiere on Disney Plus a month ago. A custom X-Men themed Xbox Series Whose issue is actually a comic book.

Announced on Tuesday, the collaboration with Marvel Animation has put an original two-page story and cover by Marvel artist Paco Diaz and writer Rich Douak on the console.

In the comic-book Cosmos, Cyclops leads the X-Men into battle against the Sentinel robots and their leader, Master Mold. An announcement from Xbox Wire says so a series x Also makes a cameo in Danger Room.

Another promotional shot showing the X-Men 97 Xbox Series

There is only one available, and it will be given away in a sweepstakes drawing held through Xbox’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. The sweepstakes is ongoing and will last until May 19th at 8pm PDT.

For those interested in getting their hands on X-Men ’97’s Xbox goodies, a set of 11 xbox design lab Controllers with colors and packaging themed after the show’s lead characters will be available on sale soon. They “come in a ’90s-inspired blister pack that makes for the ultimate collector’s item.”

The product shot shows all 11 X-Men themed Xbox SeriesThe product shot shows all 11 X-Men themed Xbox Series

X-Men ’97 It premiered on Disney Plus on March 20 and is scheduled to air 10 episodes in its first season, which will conclude on May 15. New episodes will air on Wednesdays.

all images via xbox wire