Zendaya on Parents’ Reaction to Sexy ‘Challengers’ Scenes (Exclusive)

Zendaya When her parents watch her steamy scenes in her latest movie, she finds herself in an awkward situation, ChallengersAt the premiere of the film.

In a recent interview with ET’s Denny Directo, Zendaya and her co-stars, Mike Feist and Josh O’ConnorDives deep into the interesting dynamics of filming intimate scenes for his latest film, ChallengersAnd the hilarious result of Zendaya watching it with her family in the room.

Zendaya did not shy away from discussing the experience of watching the film with her parents, especially considering its provocative content. When Zendaya was asked about the encounter, she laughed and said, “It was very funny.” “Yeah, I thought it was hilarious,” she insisted, noting that her family members were already well aware of the film’s ratings and premise.

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acknowledging his previous work Excitement, Zendaya highlighted that her family was addicted to boundary-pushing content. “They’ve seen it all ExcitementYou know, so it’s not like our first rodeo or anything,” she commented with a smile.

Recalling the screening, Zendaya shared the amusement she got from seeing her family’s reactions. β€œIt was weird because, you know, obviously I’ve seen the movie a lot of times so I know what’s going to happen, and they were all sitting behind me, and I was like watching them and slowly just like that. I was just like, ‘Oh my God,'” she recalled with amusement.

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Despite the absence of explicit sex scenes in the film, Zendaya still joked about the level of discomfort. Highlighting the awkwardness of such moments, he quipped, “It’s still enough not to want to watch with your aunt.”

Moving onto the topic of filming the film’s erotic scenes, Feist and O’Connor offered a glimpse of the practicalities behind on-screen chemistry. Fest described the process as “really hands-on”, emphasizing the collaborative nature of filmmaking.

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O’Connor echoed Feist’s sentiments, emphasizing the behind-the-scenes intricacies that shape the final product. He commented, “It’s the magic of filmmaking that comes out of the screen.” Reflecting on the intensity of certain scenes, O’Connor revealed the logistical challenges he faced. “On the edge of your seat. Actually, you know, we laughed,” he admitted, referencing a particularly memorable three-way kiss scene.

Zendaya elaborated on the intricacies of such sequences, emphasizing the coordination required between the cast and crew. “It’s a dance,” she commented, highlighting the synchronized movements required to execute such sequences seamlessly.

Concluding the discussion, Zendaya emphasized the collaborative effort involved in bringing these moments to life on screen. “It’s not just the three of us,” she insisted. “It’s also a whole team that’s part of the visuals,” he said, underscoring the collective effort that underlies every aspect of filmmaking.

Spider Man The actress plays Tashi Duncan, a former tennis player turned coach and a force of nature who makes no apologies for her game on and off the court. Tashi meets Art (Faist) and Patrick (O’Connor) as teenagers, and the three have an exciting time together, before Tashi’s burgeoning career is cut short by a serious injury on the court.

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Challengers Will hit the theaters on April 26.

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